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A few things I love

I love that a fruit like the tomatillo exists. A fruit so delicious and confusing my taste buds don’t know what to do with it (is it sweet or sour? A granadilla? A tomato? A plum?)
I love that we get to wake up every day and start eating again.
I love that a cup of tea will make most things incrementally better.
I love that even though we look like fully functioning grown-ups on the outside (mortgage, insurance, retirement savings), most of us still feel like we’re pretending to be adults.
I love that we get two days off work to do whatever the hell we want to do every week.
I love that GIFs exist, even though apparently they’re out of fashion (unpossible).
I love a good breeze.
I love putting myself to bed every night – clean pyjamas, glass of cold water by the bed, temperature just so.
I love that our feet just carry us, without us having to ask them to. And our hearts just beat. And our breath just comes and goes, all day (and night!) long.

Valentines Shmalentines, but isn’t there so much to love in the everyday?


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