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A homebody at heart

A homebody at heart

I am a homebody at heart. I love the thrill of travelling, but I love coming home more.

I returned home on Thursday from my last trip of the year – to Joburg for the Diabetes Summit – and realized that of the last 5.5 weeks, I was away for 3.5 of them. This might not be much for some people, but it’s startling for me!

12 flights.
7 strange beds.
Planes, trains, automobiles, buses, feet and a funicular.

Friends, I am exhausted. Deeply, profoundly exhausted.

I don’t want to present anything or speak publicly or be video interviewed or photographed or talk about myself for the rest of the year.

I’m done. I have very little interest in work and I’m skirting diabetes burnout in that all I want to do is eat carbs and chocolate and lie on the couch watching TV…

It’s interesting, at times like this, how obvious it is that the self-discipline that helps with diabetes management is the same self-discipline that got me up working at 5am when there was important work to be done.

That self-discipline has now left the building 😜

And I’m leaning into it. I need soft clothing and sleep-ins and reading and playing with my kids and lots of TV and movies and eating chocolate and fun with friends.

I am going to do the bare minimum otherwise, and see how that goes!! I’ll keep you posted 😉

Happy Monday, friends! How’s your late November energy? 🤞🏼

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