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A week of diabetes innovation

A week of diabetes innovation

How to put a week of diabetes innovation boot camp in the Swiss Alps into words? I’m not sure…

It was thrilling and mind-expanding and exhausting and stimulating and beautiful and magical and and and… It snowed the morning we left, and we had sunshine, rain, wind and everything in between. I went for long walks in the mountains any breaks we had, and had fascinating discussions with the other finalists – from Switzerland, Ireland, France, the US and the UK, as well as the wonderful @diabetescenterberne team, who worked so hard to give us all an exceptional week.

It was glorious, friends. So far out of my comfort zone of drinking tea at home in my cosy little office that it felt like another world. I learnt so much! I will never forget this.

And now: a few days break with my most loved friends in Scotland before I head back for the finals on Thursday evening. With, you know, a 3D hologram of myself on stage before I walk out (?) and all kinds of other insane but wonderful things…

I wonder what delightful things are going to happen to me tomorrow? It’s been a rollercoaster of slices of joy so far… 🍉


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