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About last night…

Honestly, as a parent, everything is about last night. Kids sleep well / only woke once / only woke twice? Today is manageable! I am woman, hear me roar! I can function as a normal human being!

Kids decide they needed to wake up every hour / countless times or be plagued by nightmares / thirst / needing to hold hands? Today is one long road to bedtime, fueled by caffeine and sugar. Normal human beings are so far from related to me I may be a chimp. And not the cute kind.

Last night in this household was a total bust. We had a lovely family late lunch yesterday afternoon, which meant both kids were way over-tired and way over-stimulated, which meant both of them woke up twice (both! That means four wake-ups!) and I woke up with low blood sugar, which is rare but exceptionally frustrating. So that’s five wake-ups between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Do the math: it aint pretty.

So… About last night…

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