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Breath by breath

And this is why I love Instagram.

Opened the app this morning and was gifted this beauty of a line from the inimitable Mary Oliver, via Bent Lily and Music for Kiddos.

I can feel the worry sitting on my chest like a heavy lump. My dad goes in for urgent (unanticipated) hip replacement surgery in 10 days and oh my goodness, it is bringing up all the feels! Empathy for him and what a sucky blow this is. All the PTSD that still lingers after the godawful hospital experience with my mom. All the uncertainty of the fact that anything can happen, and all the overwhelm of checking him into hospital and then sitting, and praying, and hoping that everything is fine.

And then, of course, real life! Exiting for a week to be with my dad, which means that everything that needed to be done before then now has to be done this week and next. Recording an audiobook! Writing and recording another two podcasts! Speaking on a panel at the WHO Global Diabetes Compact! Parenting! Work! Etc etc etc.

Lordy Lordy…

This morning I went out into the garden, looked up at the mountains, and breathed. A friend told me this week that we are given the challenges and opportunities we need for our spiritual growth, and I am leaning hard into that idea… Breath by breath, climbing the mountain. Singing softly.

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