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COVID fatigue is unreal

COVID fatigue is unreal.

I remember describing the fatigue before being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to a friend. I said, “you know when you’re so tired you can feel every breath going in and out of your chest?” She looked at me blankly.

It’s like that. Like an invisible hand is pressing down at all times, pressing me flat into a lying down position. Yesterday I couldn’t even sit up properly to watch TV, I had to lie down. It is wild fatigue – my husband and I are incredulous at how exhausted we are.

At the same time, kids. My daughter is full of beans again, thank heavens, my son had a rough day yesterday but today is looking better. He came to my bed yesterday afternoon and said, “Mom, I feel gross.” Offering up his discomfort like a dirty plate to be cleaned. I remember so distinctly doing the same thing with my mom – going to her feeling gross and knowing that with her cool hands and soft kisses and innate knowledge of what medicine would make it better, she would soothe it all away. I trusted her magical abilities implicitly. So I called on them when my son came to me yesterday, and it turns out they still work beautifully… And she was probably faking it all along, just like I am!

It also gave me a renewed admiration for parents of kids with chronic conditions (like Type 1 diabetes). It must be so hard to not be able to magic away your kids discomfort… to have to live with it, every day.

As for our COVID journey, we are all fine. Lucky. Exhausted. Fine. One day at a time

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