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Cuteness overload

I wrote this last night and then got interrupted by Arty refusing to go to sleep… The rest still holds true, though!

And then today, my kids were unbelievably cute. Both of them, all day.

Ella is almost-11-months and such a little character. All of a sudden she is totally switched on, all the time. No more little baby. She has a real sense of humour and loves to make Arty laugh… This evening at dinner she made up a game where she breathed in and out of her nose quickly (cute baby snorting), then paused and waited for Arty to do it. She thought it was hilarious! Similarly hilarious was throwing noodles on the floor, staring at them and then waiting for one of us to pick them up. She is very into pointing at things she wants, babbling away in baby talk and playing with anything she can get her hands on (and she can suddenly get her hands on absolutely everything). She is also very into eating shoes. I don’t know why.

Arty was in top form today – silly and funny and playful. Happily sat reading books on his bedroom floor after he woke up from his nap, showing the pictures to Ella and telling her stories. Painted with me after school and made up long stories about the giraffes and the party they were having (they need a big cake! A purple one! Purple tastes like all the good things.) He is so entertaining at the moment, and can tell long stories about absolutely anything… He is also very good at giving kisses and cuddles and loves that baby sister of his.

All in all: a lovely day with the small people. Is it a coincidence that we had a sleep-through (till 5am) last night? I think not. Sleep is the great equalizer.

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