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Death by a thousand paper cuts

I am having a crappy day. May I offer this beautiful sunset pic in exchange for some good vibes?

It is everything and nothing all at once. Death by a thousand paper cuts, as my wise friend calls days like these. Mercury retrograde. Flights I bought yesterday may now be worthless. A blood test I went for last week was messed up (they tested my thyroid instead of my blood sugar) and when I called to complain the woman told me that I was wrong. Our nanny is sick so I’m on kid duty. The queue when I went to buy 5 things from the shops took 40 minutes. My son has assessments so homework this week suuuuucks.

Are you bored yet? I am.

None of this matters. All of it will resolve. And yet I can’t reframe or snap out of it – I just feel bleurgh.

What to do, then? Lean into it, I think. Just accept that some days are diamonds, some days are rocks (as my dad used to say a lot… who was he quoting?)

Let’s hope tomorrow brings a sunset like this, or something fun or frivolous or delightfully unexpected.

For now: a cup of tea. A guaranteed slice of joy no matter how crappy the day. 🍉


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