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Gratitude vs. slices of joy

I went for a windy walk this morning, and stumbled on gratitude.

I find gratitude a tricksy concept, sometimes, because I was too stringent about it in my younger years – I had a kind of militant gratitude for everything, no matter how I really felt… Grieving quickly cured me of that, of course. Gratitude was well beyond reach for months, which is why I found solace in the idea of slices of joy.

But this morning, quite by accident, I tripped over gratitude while I was walking. I was suddenly suffused by how lucky I am to have a strong body – legs that work, eyes that see, lungs that breathe deeply. I could see how truly beautiful this place I’m lucky enough to call home is (I could write a whole love letter to Hout Bay!)

I felt, for a few moments, so deeply grateful.

And then got distracted by something and started thinking about my To Do list and my weekend plans… But I was able to draw my attention back to the present moment (remarkably): the smell of the wind, the line of light shining through the clouds, the spray kicked up by the waves and turned into rainbows by the sunshine. Each one a slice of joy.

I know, now, that we can’t manufacture gratitude. But I hope your day offers you a few opportunities to stumble over slices of joy. 🍉 🌈


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