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The terror of a new profile pic

New profile pic! I’m not going to lie, friends, I approach taking profile pics with the same enthusiasm as going to the dentist… I once kept the same (beautiful!) pic for 3 years, until I started feeling like one of those estate agents who advertise on dustbins with pics from the 1980s.

But, you know, needs must. And when I found out the lovely @mikerosephoto had started offering short profile pic shoots from his home studio in Constantia, I thought I could manage that.

Here’s the shocker: it was fun! I spent a lovely 45 mins or so with Mike and somehow he captured not one, not two, but *three* photos I liked! This one won out.

It is rare and special when someone takes a photo that actually looks like you think you look. If you’re looking for a new profile pic, might I suggest magician-photographer @mikerosephoto ?

I am excited I now have two options to choose from… That should be fine for the next 3 years, hey? 😉

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