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Feedback on The Grief Handbook

The best thing about having written The Grief Handbook is the messages I get from people who have read it. Honestly, every message gives me goosebumps.

I wrote this book because I needed it. I *needed* it. I needed a book that would tell me all the horrible things I was feeling were okay, and that I would one day return to life, and that I wasn’t going crazy and I hadn’t lost the will to live and I wasn’t ruined. I felt ruined, after my mom died. I didn’t think I would ever feel joy or excitement or delight, or any of the good stuff, ever again.

And then, slowly, little chinks of light started creeping in. I started having moments of feeling okay – not good, but okay. And so I wrote myself a book.

The fact that this book is out there in the world, reaching people in other countries and other times, bonded together by the worst thing happening, is just beautiful, to me.

I have had a day of small frustrations that all knotted together to make me quite grumpy. But then, like a light in the gloom of the grumps, a message about how The Grief Handbook helped someone like me. And I feel blessed and lucky, all over again…

If you are in the darkest days of grief, please believe me that one day you will feel a bit better. One day, you will have the luxury of a day of the grumps. One day, you might even feel happy again. Imagine that? Or, if you can’t, I’ll imagine it for you… ❤️

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