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Gentle, wonky expectations…

My son took this photo of me yesterday and it pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling: exhausted but trying to smile through it.

I had a cortisol hangover yesterday (is that a thing?) Deep fatigue following a day of anxiety over my dad’s surgery (which went well, thank every God in heaven).

A yin yoga session with @theluminouslotus returned me to myself last night, and a few episodes of Bridgerton season 2 filled me with delight… This morning I am feeling hopeful and a little less exhausted and a little more clear-headed.

I’m also attempting taking the kids for a Treat (with a capital T) today, which is always risky because I get so excited and things invariably go a little wonky… We’re going for banana splits at @mannaepicure – Cape Town’s best banana splits. They were my mom’s favourite, so they hold a soft spot for me. I have a photo of her and my son with identical expressions of glee on their faces, about to take their first spoonful of ice-cream.

So here’s to a day of gentle, wonky expectations – remembering that all we need are three-second slices of joy. Happy Friday, all 💫


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