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In love with ideas

I have a new job – an actual job, imagine! – and I am so excited about it that I feel like I’ve fallen in love… with ideas.

I’ve been freelancing as a content strategist for a year now, and it’s been pretty wonderful. I have a couple of lovely clients, I get to work my own hours so I’m available to play and have tea parties with Arty and Ella every afternoon, and I’m my own boss. I was in no way looking for a job… But then, a couple of months ago, I went to a fascinating talk by Dave Duarte of Treeshake.┬áIt was on the Art of Social Storytelling: all about how to make your social media meaningful using storytelling and behavioural science. As I listened, I felt my mind start dancing – it was so interesting! So exciting! Such a fresh way of looking at things. After the talk, I asked Dave if he taught this stuff because I wanted to learn more… He said he’d love to talk to me about it and how content strategy could fit into it. And that’s what led me, a few months and many talks later, to my new job.

I’m now Creative Director of Treeshake and I’m so excited and honoured and fired up about the work. It is fascinating stuff, all with a core of meaning and purpose. Their tagline? Treeshake is the marketing consultancy for changemakers. We combine social media, behavioural science, and storytelling to create impact.

There’s a lot I can offer and a lot I have to learn, and I am so excited about this next adventure. Particularly because I worried, in the dumb year after each baby, that my mind wouldn’t come back to me. That I’d be wandering around in a sleep deprived haze for the rest of my life. But now! I am fully present, my mind is in love with ideas, and it is marvellous.

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