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Tea party celebrations

Is there a lovelier way to celebrate than a tea party? 🫖 🧁 I think not.

This was a weekend of tea parties – celebrating birthdays and friendship and new babies with tea and delicious treats and special time together.

I’ve been a fan of tea parties for as long as I can remember. What could be better than getting dressed up to eat cake and drink tea? Throw in a required book reading segment and you have my idea of heaven!

It’s funny because I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth any more (in comparison to my pre-diabetes tea parties!) but the allure still holds… I think it’s the care and attention required to make everything special. I used to hold tea parties in America for my bemused college friends, and in my tiny garden cottage in Cape Town for anyone who wanted to sip tea and eat cake on a Saturday afternoon… I love the tea sets and the tiny forks and the fancy plates – all of it!

Today could not have been more drudgey if it tried. Monday morning, traffic jam, dropping off my car for repairs, stuck in the rain, waiting for traffic to ease while working on my phone. And yet, in the midst of that, an absolute slice of joy in the beautiful bone china tea cup the arb coffee shop served my tea in.

So here’s to beautiful tea sets and celebratory tea parties offering up slices of joy in the midst of our busy lives.


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