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Languages of love

Let’s talk about languages of love… There are 5, in case you don’t know (gifts, words, acts of service, time and physical touch).

Mine is gifts. Soops awks, as I say to my kids (super awkward) because if your language of love isn’t gifts then you don’t think they’re that important… But if it is and you have to ask for a gift, it devalues it completely. Soops awks.

I love gifts – finding them, giving them, but most especially getting them 😆 I’m a minimalist at heart, so I don’t always keep them, but oh! The thrill of unwrapping a present. It’s the best.

Added to this, I’m a number 2 on the enneagram (the helper). Which means I will happily help and help and help, but then if it seems as if the help is being taken for granted or going unnoticed, I get very resentful. I need a gift to say thank you…. Lordy Lordy, I’m glad I don’t have to live with me! (There are many lovely aspects, but they come at a price.)

And so, these beautiful flowers, filling my office with beauty and their soft floral scent on this otherwise ordinary Wednesday. They were gifted to me by my dad, who I have been helping a lot lately, and the way they fill my heart and lift my spirits is all out of proportion to the amount of effort and money that was required to send them.

This is why I love the languages of love. If you understand what someone needs to feel loved – a hug, a compliment, an unrushed visit, unpacking the dishwasher, a bunch of flowers – you can spread so much joy, so easily.

Do you know what your language of love is? I always think the trick is to think of what you automatically do when you hear something bad has happened – what’s your love instinct?

Maybe we should all walk around with love language labels on – it would make it much easier to love each other!


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