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Long-lasting grief

I bought a new dress to add to my dress collection. A fabulous @goodclothingsa @mrchandlerhouse tea frill dress, that you can just barely see here because I’m rubbish at selfies 🤷🏻‍♀️

Don’t ask me how, but even now – more than 3 years after my mom died – my initial impulse is still to show her my new dress. She would have loved it… the pattern, the cut, the fabric. And it made me realize (again) that although on the outside we ‘move on’ from grief, we never really stop missing the ones who have gone.

I’m missing my mom a lot at the moment. So much, in fact, that I scrolled back to this day in 2018 (our last September together) when she’d sent me a voice note after a missed call, just saying that she loved me and wanted to hear my voice.

Ah! Ouch.

And yet, I’m fine. Mostly fine. I am used to a world in which my mom is no longer here… and simultaneously I will never get used to a world in which my mom is no longer here.

Grief, hey.

#grief #griefawareness #griefsucks #griefjourney

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