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A tale of 4 sequin dresses

This is not the caption I thought I was going to write on Monday.

I had this whole story in my head that I had made up – a fabulous story, full of intrigue and drama and suspense.

It began with the sequin dress my mom bought me when I was 15 (far right). She found it in the newspaper classifieds (remember those?!) and I only wore it twice before her friend convinced her to wash it… and it melted into a sad little ball.

Fast forward 15 years and I found the most amazing sequin / beaded flapper dress (second from the right) just before my 30th birthday. On sale! In my size! I only wore it twice – to my 30th dance party and my brother’s wedding – before taking it to the dry cleaners… which subsequently burnt down with my dress inside it.

And here’s where the story splits. Because I was determined to find a replacement for said dress – a third fabulous dress – for my 40th in July. So determined that I broke my one Cardinal Rule of Secondhand Shopping and bought something I was fairly certain wasn’t my size. This caption was going to be about how this fabulously beaded flapper dress was the big sister to the one I’d lost in the fire, the dress I’ve been hunting down for a decade! Except, it isn’t. It’s tiny. Fabulous! But tiny.

And I only realized after I’d bought it (secondhand, online, can’t return it) that in order to make this narrative work – the narrative of the trio of fabulous sequined and beaded dresses – I had to leave out the beautiful vintage beaded number (second from the left) which I bought on a trip back to the US and which I have joyfully worn to two weddings (without it melting or burning!)

And the equally fabulous and wildly over-the-top red sequin dress that I’ve worn to two delightful dinners and a wedding, with nary a melting or burning in sight…I bought that with utter joy from @telltaledress in my college hometown (Lancaster, PA).

What is the point of this excessively long treatise?

*The whole story was in my head.* It was only when the perfect dress didn’t fit that I realized there was no ghost dress to find because there were real versions in my life already.

There’s a profound lesson about life here. I’m almost certain of it.

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