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Living juicy

In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the juice to nourish our creative souls… Yes please!

I first discovered SARK (@sarkifylife) when I was 13 and my beloved Grade 7 teacher introduced her to the class. I *devoured* her books – Living Juicy, The Bodacious Book of Succulence, Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed, Eat Mangoes Naked… I have them all.

As a teen, I frolicked around Durban in fairy wings and bright vintage dresses, barefoot and carrying glitter, tossing out hand drawn messages of hope and joy everywhere I went. I am still 100% behind all of it except the barefootness, which I now find kind of gross.

But the one piece of advice I have carried into my adult years – and repeat often to myself (under my breath, if I find myself rushing) – is this:

💫 “If we rush around, never look closely or practice self-denial, we will begin to feel dry and cracked for the lack of sweet, wild moments that nourish us, and those around us.” 💫

Gosh, I couldn’t love that more.

And it’s in the same spirit of slices of joy, I think. We’re not expecting days full of juice (although I will happily take them). We’re looking for sweet, wild *moments*. A deep lungful of fresh air scented with flowers. A really delicious mouthful of cake. Half an hour under a tree at lunchtime instead of at your desk. Reading in bed for 10 minutes before you get up for the day.

To me, these little moments of rebellious joy are so important because they make me feel as if I’m really living – even on the hard days. They give a little spark of wonder, even if it’s the only spark in that day.

I wish for you a day where the sweet, wild moments are easy to find…

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