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How grief and fruit are related

The fruit bowl of dreams! 😍
Every year, there comes a summer day when my fruit bowl looks like a dream-come-true – and today is that day.

Plums! Litchis! Mangoes! Apricots! Peaches (two kinds!) Nectarines! Bananas (for the kids)…
Each fruit a slice of joy in days to come.

What’s funny about this fruit bowl is that in mid-winter – when all we have are apples and pears and citrus – it seems completely impossible. Juice dripping down your chin after biting into a nectarine on a hot day? Sticky fingers from chopping up a mango and licking up the juice? Spitting apricot pits into the garden and stepping on the ones the kids have mistakenly spat into the grass because who needs shoes in midsummer? It must be a dream…
And yet, here it is. Every year: this glorious dream come true.

It’s the same thing with grief, I think.

Imagining a day of lightness, of feeling carefree, of not carrying around the heavy weight of sadness seems an impossible dream… Until one day? It happens. Slowly at first, a half-hour or hour at a time, and then in increasing segments until one day you have a whole glorious day of feeling okay. Just… okay.

It seems impossible, and then it happens. Just like this fruit bowl.

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