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My reset button for the holidays

“What’s your favourite day?” I asked my son. “Your birthday, Christmas, Easter or cherry picking day?”
“Impossible to choose!” he answered, with cherry juice dripping down his chin… I have to agree.

Each year since I moved to Cape Town and discovered that you could *pick cherries*, we have made the 3 hour trek to Ceres (@klondykecherryfarm) and it is without doubt one of the best days of the year. Every year.

I love fruit. Desert island food choice? Fruit. Favourite foods? Fruit and ice cream (yes, I have Type 1 diabetes and yes, I have to keep these passions in check!) But of all the fruits, I love cherries the most. And to be able to spend a few hours surrounded by trees dripping with cherries, picking fistfuls of them, is such a practical reminder of the abundance surrounding us in life that it makes me almost giddy.

Cherry picking has become my reset button for the holidays. After the nonstop work pressure of November, it’s a reminder to slow down. To open my eyes to the beauty surrounding me. To go easy on myself and relax into treats and relaxation and slices of joy… it’s also the only day of the year I condone a stomachache (which I already have in this pic!)

“Everything in moderation,” my mom used to tell me. (“Including moderation,” she would sometimes add!)

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