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Celebrate everything

Celebrate everything! That’s pretty much my approach to life, especially at the moment. Let’s celebrate all the small wins and big moments and milestones and birthdays and all the in between stuff too. Heaven knows we all need a little more sweetness in our lives…

One of the (many) great lessons our parents taught us was the power of celebration. My mom was an only child and birthdays weren’t much of a thing when she was growing up – my dad was the eldest of nine in rural Ireland with not much money to go around. But when they had their own family, birthdays became Birthdays. Presents and celebration and parties and choosing your favourite dinner and dressing up for it. I *love* birthdays.

This week my daughter turns five (5!) and we are in the midst of the birthday celebrations. This weekend, we had a few of her little friends over to eat fairy toadstool cake and hunt for chocolate gold coins and celebrate her, and we’re getting ready for her actual birthday on Thursday (cake in bed! Cornflakes! A gift treasure hunt! Her favourite dinner!)

I know that when things are hard, celebrating feels like too much to ask for. But I also know that celebrating is a big giant slice of joy, and we all need more of those… Here’s hoping you can find some space to celebrate something this week

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