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Gratitude for the human body

Can we talk about how extraordinary the human body is? And how we (often) don’t recognize that until something goes wonky?

On Tuesday, after my shower, I flung my head upside down to dry my hair (as I always do) and the world started spinning. Like, I had to sit down or I’d fall over spinning. It was my first taste of vertigo and it absolutely sucks.

Did you know that the whole reason we’re able to walk around as normal functioning human beings is because of a few tiny crystals in our inner ears, that can become dislodged by sudden movement? And then: spinning eyesight, severe nausea, can’t read or concentrate on anything, spacey head. And I just had a mild dose!

I’m feeling better now, thank heavens, but still not 100%. I can’t think as clearly or quickly as usual, and I need to be gentle with myself. Nothing wrong with both of those, I know…

So this is just an appreciation post for my miraculous body that, for 39 years, has kept my inner ear crystals where they belong!

Also an appreciation post for Caitlin Moran and her solid gold writing. Honestly, this book has me crying with laughter – and looking at other aspects of life in an entirely new light. Her approach to loving your body is very much in alignment with my gratitude for inner ears!

Also an appreciation post for my amazing new Airloom rug, which is so freaking cool.

What’s on your appreciation list today?

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