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The joy of a haircut and blowdry

Is there anything as mood-lifting as a haircut and blow dry? I think not.

I only had my first professional haircut when I was 20 – my mom was a hairdresser and would cut my hair on a whim (of which I had many, particularly in my teen years!)

My first salon experience, when I was 20, was delightful and unsettling – it turns out that cutting your hair like a model in a look book doesn’t *actually* make you look like that model, who knew?! (Everyone except me, it seems…)

After a few years I went for my second professional haircut, and it was amazing! So great that strangers approached me on the street to compliment me. I returned 6 weeks later for a refresher, and he totally effed it up.

And then came Gina. The hairdresser to end all hairdressers! The owner of @the_foxandvixen, which is the most delightful salon, a mom (so she gets me) and just the most delightful human being. Also, coincidentally, Mariaan from Suzelle DIY, which scores big points with my kids.

I went to Gina to chop off my hair when my youngest was 3 months old (and post it to @cancerassociationofsouthafrica for them to make a wig). She did an amazing job, and I had exactly the same haircut for the next 3 years, until I started the laborious process of growing it out, which Gina has helped me with as well…

There is nothing I don’t love about the experience of a haircut. The shampoo, the head massage, the nostalgic snip snip of the scissors, the smell of the hairdryer, the super glam feeling as I leave… It’s a cornucopia of delight, as far as I’m concerned, a whole plate of slices of joy.

Now if only I could learn how to make my hair look like this every day 😜


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