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The joy of finding a hairdresser you love


Don’t look now, but I legit have long hair.

And it’s (all) because of my fabulous hairdresser Gina @the_foxandvixen 💫

You may recall I was gripped by a hair cutting frenzy in December and wanted to cut my hair like Greta Lee from Past Lives (amazing hair, amazing movie). I did an Insta Story poll – everyone said go for it! What’s more fun than a haircut?! Especially if it’s vicarious 😉

I messaged Gina to ask if it would suit me.
Me: I want hair like Greta Lee in Past Lives.
Gina: You’ll have to style it. GHD and salt spray.
Me: What if I just give you salt spray, what do I get?
Gina: Disappointment.

Gina is actually my first steady hairdresser – I’ve been going to her for over 7 years… Before that I only and always got my mom to cut my hair, which was great except there is zero opportunity to pause and think about a haircut when you’re living with your hairdresser. Very dangerous territory when you’re an impetuous haircutter (I am).

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Get yourself a hairdresser who dissuades you from unsatisfactory haircuts. And if you can’t find one, you can share mine 😜

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