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The joy of an intentional pause on Instagram

I know that social media is the devil, but I have to tell you that I have found great joy on Instagram… It’s a space to inhale, and exhale. An intentional pause.

I think this is largely because I only follow really lovely, inspiring people. People who make me think and reflect and pause. I’ve cut all the fake reality accounts, I don’t need to see how others are being super-productive and working harder. It’s all about rest and recuperation, for me. Nature and art and beauty and books.

It’s also a really lovely space for mini-reflections: micro-blogging, I believe the term is. Please join me there if you haven’t already – I’m on msbridgetmcnulty. What I love about writing on Instagram is both the limitation and the freedom. You’re limited in space constraints, so you can’t just ramble. But there’s freedom to reach so many people – or just a few, depending on the algorithm’s mood for the day!

For now, it’s time to dive back into work for the day… I’ve taken my pause, drunk in a few deep breaths, absorbed some beauty, and now I’m back at it. I hope you’ve had the chance for an intentional pause today!

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