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The year of ‘less’

Let’s go 2021! After 3 blissful weeks of no computer, no work and very little thinking, I am back at my desk and ready to tackle what this new (unprecedented?) year will bring. Here’s the theme I’ve chosen for the year….


Pretty simple, I think? If there’s one thing that 2020 and the enforced lockdowns and life shrinking in taught me, it’s that I am perfectly happy with less. This holiday we were on level 3 lockdown, but because of my diabetes I took it a little more seriously than some. So we pretty much kept to ourselves (except for family) and stayed home. This was not a hardship because in December we put a tiny swimming pool in our garden – with the money we saved from not being able to travel last year.

Our days were spent swimming, gardening, reading, playing with the kids and relaxing. As opposed to last year’s summer holiday which was spent adventuring around Cape Town, at least one activity a day. Last year, I was tired, the kids were often strung out, it felt like an effort. This year? The days melted into each other, I didn’t forward plan anything, we all just enjoyed each other.

2021! The year of ‘less’. Less busy, less organised, less pressure on myself to do or be anything, less social obligation. It feels like taking a deep breath. Cutting myself some slack. Easing into life.

Let’s see how it goes! And now, 3 minutes of joy for you: the song I can’t stop listening to:

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