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Love is… taking the initiative

Love is… taking the initiative. ❤️
I think this might be where all the love languages combine?

I’m going away with two special friends this weekend, so it’s time to start thinking about food. I offered to do the shop and in return they sent this list that they had already written up and planned to buy because I have a lot on my plate. What an absolute gift of love ❤️

It reminds me of last year, during one of the spells when my dad was really sick. I didn’t feel up to a hike with my hiking buddies, and said I was just going to stay home and garden. They arrived with plants and bubbly and snacks and stories, and it remains one of the sweetest friendship memories I have – despite being during a really difficult time. ❤️

Same same for the surprise delivery of flowers last week… It means so much when people just *do* something.

They took the initiative. They didn’t ask what I needed, they just pitched up, in whatever way they could.

I often get on my soapbox about how we all (me included!) need to stop saying, “Let me know if you need anything,” because it’s so hard to know what you need, and ask for it. Taking the initiative is the exact opposite of that – and I couldn’t love it more… Something to keep in mind (for me too) when we want to support friends, in grief and in everyday life ❤️

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