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Success in different spheres

I saw this bush of pincushions at Kirstenbosch and my first thought was, “huh. It’s just like people.” Hear me out…

Pincushions are just remarkable, aren’t they? They’re beautiful as tightly closed buds, beautiful as delicately half-open flowers, beautiful in full bloom and beautiful when they shed their pins and look like ladies dancing… Each stage of life offers its own specific beauty.

You might be nailing work stuff at the moment – flying on the career front. Or maybe you’re really content and peaceful in your relationships. Or finally coming to terms with yourself, and your body. Or really working on creating a home that you love. Or or or… the options are endless. Where we come undone, I think (and where the pincushions are more enlightened than us, I imagine!) is that we compare ourselves to others. Instead of focusing on what we’re working on, we look at others who are working on something else, and extrapolate their success to every sphere of life.

Let me tell you: success in every sphere of life is impossible. And that’s as it should be, that keeps it exciting! Focus on one aspect, craft it a little, set it aside and move to the next phase… at least, that’s what I’m trying at the moment. That, and pausing to notice the extraordinary beauty right in front of me.

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