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Keeping things light and playful

What’s that?
Why yes, I am an almost-40-year-old woman with toys on my desk shelf. What of it? 😉

Mainly because the toys are so damn beautiful! The redhead is my mom in doll form, bought on an Irish holiday by my lovely ant (her sister-in-law @teresa_mcnulty_murphy) and stashed in a secret cupboard for years… Until my dad gifted it to me on his most recent visit.

The bunny is a cherished gift from my genius friend @vanoodle who *made the whole thing from scratch*. Have you ever seen anything so lovely?!

I believe in toys as an easy slice of joy in a day, but also as a reminder to keep things light and playful… What better place to put them than next to my desk?

What about you – does your office decor offer any slices of joy? 🍉


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