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Pure joy fizzing in my veins

What does this image represent? 🧐

Excitement. Anticipation. Pure joy fizzing in my veins.

Tomorrow, after 28 days of a countdown worm and at least six months of talking about it at dinner, we’re taking the kids to America for two glorious weeks of friends and fun and celebrating love.

I get to see my three college besties, introduce two of them to my kids for the first time, meet two of their kids for the first time, and celebrate the wedding of the third with all the sparkle and fizz it is possible to imagine.

We’re going for 4th of July to show the kids fireworks for the first time (the day after my 40th birthday and my first time being in the US for 4th of July!) We’re going to take them to the awesome museums in DC. We’re going on a pirate boat and swimming in Walden Pond. We’re going to barbecue and hang out and eat corn chips. We’re going to eat a *lot* of ice-cream. We’re taking them to a grocery store (which will Blow. Their. Minds. 🤯)

Mostly, though, we’re going to be together. My mom always used to say that before a visit – “I can’t wait to be together”. That’s what I’m most excited about. Just seeing these people I love so damn much, together with these kids I love so damn much.

The very wise @filmfoxwrite said to me this morning that COVID blunted so much of our joy… We had to add caveats to everything, and lower expectations, and give up hoping for things like hugs and reunions and overseas trips. The joy now feels triply concentrated, and I am so deeply and profoundly grateful. The final countdown has begun!!! ✈️ 💥

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