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Life’s trio of challenges

If you don’t already follow @drjulie, go and do it right now! (I’ll wait.) She somehow manages to impart super helpful, practical psychology advice in 60 seconds or less… Such helpful advice, in fact, that I bought her book to learn more.

I’ve read it once and lent it to a friend so we can talk about it, and will probably read it again – or dip in and out as I need it. I love the emphasis on the basics as foundations for good mental health (sleep, exercise, good food, kind companions…)

Life, for me, has been challenging lately. Partly physical – I had a stomach bug at the beginning of last week that flattened me, and then irritated my stomach lining by eating normal food too soon so it came back. So I’m feeling very low energy and entirely flat.

Partly practical – I’m entering my busiest time of the year and the pressure is on to meet deadlines and be on top of so many things.

And partly emotional – the bad news I alluded to when we were in Durban is that my dad has colon cancer, and is going in for surgery on Monday. We’re hoping the tumor can just be chopped out and there won’t be a need for chemo, but it’s a lot… Second surgery this year, fourth in the last two years, and each one takes its toll.

I am doing my best to keep myself afloat. I’ve been walking every day this week, which makes a big difference to my stress levels. I’ve spent some beautiful hours in conversation with lovely friends. I’m eating what my body asks for as I recover (and taking lots of vitamins and probiotics!) I’m resting as much as I can in the midst of truly busy times. I’m drinking in the random, silly fun of my kids.

And I’m looking – always looking – for thin slices of joy to lighten every day. Luckily, they’re always there… Sometimes harder to find than others, but always there. 🍉


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