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Lowering my standards for joy

I’m actively working to lower my standards for joy. Like, what is the smallest possible thing that could lift my spirits for a moment?

These blueberries, tumbling in my icy gin and soda while the birds sing? That’ll do! 🍉

We’ve started a new ritual at dinner time, where we each say one good thing that happened that day. Not the best, not our favourite, just one good thing. My son said to me yesterday, “What if nothing particularly good happened? What if it was just A Day?” (And I thought: preach! Is it bedtime yet?!)

But then I explained that on days like that, we look for the tiny things. The juicy bite of nectarine. Colouring in a picture. Working outside because the weather is beautiful. Swinging on a swing.

We look for the #slicesofjoy, no matter how small they might be. 🍉

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