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Magic Mondays

Green sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, anyone?

Not going to lie, these looked a lot uglier in real life than in my head… I was going for ‘whimsical delight’ more than ‘screech in your face’ but 🤷🏻‍♀️

A month ago, we started Magic Mondays in my family. Mainly, to be honest, as a way to lift some of the festive season magic pressure I sometimes feel (moms of young kids know what I mean!)

If I can create random family magic, surely we all can?! Yes, yes we can ✨

So far this month we’ve had a magical story, a fun new pudding picker game (4 names rolled up and tucked in a tiny teapot – one name picked each day to choose pudding), unpacking the dishwasher before the grown-ups woke up (true magic!!) and of course, these green-sprinkled beauties.

I love that Magic Monday means something different to each of us. That we’re thinking about magic every week. And that my kids are learning that they have the ability to create magic themselves 🪄

Some Magic Mondays will be loud, some will be quiet, but a little magic – like a little slice of joy – goes a long way. 🍉


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