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The best tradition of the year

I’m a big fan of rituals and traditions, and one of this year’s best has been Kid Date Nights.

Once a month, one parent and one child go out for dinner, while the other parent and other child go somewhere else for dinner. I didn’t realize just how little focused one-on-one time we spent together until we started this monthly practice… It is so precious.

The dinners are never long (my kids have zero tolerance for waiting for food to arrive) and always involve colouring in or drawing, and a complete lack of vegetables.

We chat, we eat, we inevitably go somewhere else for dessert (choose anything from the sweetie aisle! Get a soft serve ice-cream with a flake!) and I get to hear about the tiny details of their daily lives with nothing else to do but listen.

Of course, you don’t have to have kids to start this practice… It works with anyone, doesn’t it? Just taking some time to focus solely on one other person, listen to their stories and appreciate their precious company.

What a treat!


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