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Memento mori

This time yesterday, we were waiting for a call from the oncologist. Waiting to find out if the strange mark that had shown up on my dad’s liver during the CT scan was liver cancer or – by some wonderful, miraculous chance – just a strange mark on the CT scan. He went for an MRI and we waited.

Liver cancer metastasized from colon cancer is no joke. Incurable. Very poor prognosis. Hectic treatment. 8 months life expectancy with no treatment.

I vacillated – from the time we found out about the strange mark to the time the oncologist called – between intense mindfulness, and following the possible future alllll the way to the end. “This yoghurt is so delicious. Feel how the blueberries burst on my tongue. 8 months from now is July, the same time my mom died.”

And then, the call.

A false alarm. The MRI was clear. My dad finally – finally!! – got the health break we have all been telling him he deserved.

I have been filled, in the 24 hours since, with joeie de vivre. Colours are brighter, food is more delicious, my kids are cuter, I am so excited about the festive season and fun and delight and so many slices of joy. Yes, my dad still has to do mild scheduled chemo but oh! There is a future. And I am so glad of it.


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