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Mother’s Day when you’ve lost your mom

Life has been intense lately. Full colour, volume turned all the way up intense. Just me?

My dad came to stay with us for a week, to recover from his latest hip replacement (which went smoothly! Hallelujah!) so that was a week of acts of service and juggling work and kids and daughtering.

Then we went on a dream-come-true overnight trip to stay on a houseboat on the Langebaan lagoon, which was one of the most vivid and marvelous 24 hours in recent memory.

And then I took myself on a 21 hour writing retreat to Kalk Bay, to hammer out the first draft of The Type 1 Diabetes Guidebook for parents… Something I’ve wanted to write for years, but finally had the opportunity to sit down and work on.

And in between that is, you know, recording a new season of the South Africans with Diabetes podcast and setting up South Africa’s first Diabetes Advocacy training and all the usual dailies life throws at us.

And Mother’s Day, on Sunday. Images of older ladies with their daughters everywhere I look. Tiny little heartbreaks in the middle of the day…

I look forward to the Beautiful Ordinary. It must be around here somewhere?

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