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We are all in this together

Is there anything better than a quiet Saturday morning with a cup of tea and something beautiful to read? (The answer to that question is no, obviously!)

This week, author @joy_ann_watson published the most thoughtful, beautiful reflection piece in the @dailymaverick (link in Stories). It’s about grief, and loss, and love, and carrying on when things feel too hard…

I wrote before about how meaningful and magical I found the @openbookfestival panel that this piece is based on – Joy has somehow managed to capture that meaning and magic in her writing.

“Conversations about death and dying can be a slippery slide into a hole of feeling yuk. Yet, the pandemic has shown us that we are biological, that life is finite and that we have to be able to talk about the geography of death within the boundaries of self and community.”

Yes yes yes. We are all in this together ❤️

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