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My third child: diabetes

Most of the time, to be honest, diabetes just feels like another part of daily life. Get up, test blood sugar, inject, shower, have a cup of tea… It’s all just part of what needs to be done every day. In fact, I often say that I forget I’m diabetic between meals, because it infringes so little on how I feel every day. But then there are the other days.
On the other days, it really pisses me off that on top of needing to find depths of patience I often don’t feel I have for my two real life children, I also need to find depths of patience for my third child: my chronic condition. There are days when it hurts to inject, seeing as it’s the fifth or sixth or seventh injection for the day and I’m running out of available injection space on my tummy and thighs. There are days when the fact that I can’t binge on ice-cream or chocolate or anything, really, without considering how many carbs it has, how much insulin I need and what it will do to my blood sugar, really irritates me.

And yes, I know, none of us should be binging on anything. Diabetes forces me to be really conscious of my food choices and that’s a good thing. Those injections that hurt when my body is tired and sick of being pricked are what’s keeping me alive. I know all this, and most of the time I feel it. But occasionally I wonder what life would be like without my demanding third child…

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