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Reaching out a hand to hope

Hope. Let’s talk about it…

My dad has been in hospital for over a week with an infection that needs to clear before he can have heart valve surgery. But look at these flowers: the colours! The shapes! The gentle sweet scent.

I wake up and the engine of worry immediately kicks in, without a conscious thought. But the sun rising over the mountain picks up the bright green on the slopes and it is breath-catchingly beautiful.

Of all the 52 weeks of the year, this is the one in which I have to step up and perform – while trying to support my dad a city away, in hospital, when there’s nothing I can actually do. But the jasmine is in full bloom and oh! The scent is heavenly.

I feel like every time I’m gifted a moment of beauty from nature I’m reaching out a hand to hope. And then there’s another one and another one and another one. Inching along from one moment of beauty to the next, because what else can we do?

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