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Recording The Grief Handbook audiobook

And that’s a wrap!
Finished recording the audiobook of The Grief Handbook today. Phew…

I must be honest, I was a little nervous about reading my book for this recording – I didn’t know if it would feel as heart wrenching as writing the book (which was… hard. Really hard. Many floods of tears hard.)

But, thankfully, time has passed and the wound has healed a little more and I was able to separate enough from the words to be able to read them without climbing into them and back into the dark days…

It was actually really lovely, and meaningful, to read my book aloud. Really satisfying. I didn’t realize how much of my writing is talking to people in my head – so being able to talk to them out loud was so fun! I also really hope – and believe – that this book is going to find its way to the people who need it… And that’s a pretty wonderful feeling.

And now! Weekend! A long walk on the mountain! And then sushi and bubbly to celebrate a truly epic week of work…

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