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Opportunities to grow

I keep thinking about new growth, and how we’re given exactly the opportunities we need to stretch.

Sometimes the stretching is emotional, sometimes it’s mental and sometimes it’s spiritual… Sometimes it’s not possible, because Real Life is too loud.

This morning, I’m recording my first audiobook, of the book I wrote to honour my mom and my family’s journey of losing her. That feels incredibly precious, and rare. What an opportunity!

This evening, I’m speaking on a panel at the WHO Global Diabetes Summit, about the power of collaboration and partnership, and how to raise the voices of people with diabetes. What an honour! What a gift.

But a year ago, I wouldn’t have felt up to it. I was still in the first painful year of losing my mom (and in strict lockdown, of course!) Two, three, four years ago I was still so deep in the young-kids-mom trenches that I didn’t feel my mind had been returned to me.

I guess my point is that this feels like a sacred time because I’m being called to stretch beyond what I have done before, and I have the head space to do it. What an opportunity! What a day.

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