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The beautiful, sequin-skirted now

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary this weekend by going out (out!) to a fabulous Italian restaurant (@scarpettarestaurant) where we ate far too much delicious food and sat in the balmy evening air sipping bubbly and talking about all the things…

It is still such a treat to get dressed up and go out for dinner – remember two years ago, when we were all hunkering down for hard lockdown, filled with fear? Remember last year, when we didn’t know when the vaccines would arrive? It all feels very fresh and recent. Freedom still tastes sweet.

We have started dreaming of overseas travel and 40th dance parties (mostly me dreaming of the dance party, let’s be honest!) and while there is a small part of me that is keeping my hopes in check, I am mainly letting them fly free and high…

Because what good does it do to sacrifice the beautiful, sequin-skirted now in favour of a sweatpants future? I am delighting in all that is available right now, while it is still available. Heaping my plate with slices of joy!


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