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The daily joy of kids

Whenever anyone tells me they don’t want kids, I’m so happy for them. Imagine not wanting these little treasures who suck all your time and expendable income?

Sadly, that was never the case for me. I always knew I wanted kids, even though I believe I’m not well suited to motherhood by nature (I’m naturally impatient, and my favourite things are alone time and silence… None of these are conducive to small people).

That said, I have found the gifts of children to be priceless. Not only the experience of unconditional love (which is immense, in itself) but the daily joy they bring to everyday life. The glee and delight in the smallest things offers a chance to glimpse the world as I used to see it, before all that growing up that had to happen…

I took my kids to the museum this morning, and the anticipation and sheer thrill of running from exhibit to exhibit was such balm for my soul. A sweet reminder that if we just pause, and look, there are so many moments of sheer joy in every day. Look! There’s one. And there’s another!

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