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The gift of aging

I love getting older. I could do without the wrinkles and lack of skin elasticity, but honestly it is such a fair trade for self-knowledge – I’d make it any day.

Last week was intense. I am recovering from deep emotional exhaustion. Today, I feel fragile. Tired and delicate and fragile. And that is totally fine! I’m sitting with it.

When I was younger, I would have felt the pressure to put on a happy face. I would have felt I needed to be productive and positive and get sh*t done. But I now recognize the deep power of listening to your body, and your heart, and taking it slow when you need to…

It seems we’re out of the woods with my dad. He moves to stepdown today, which means he’s starting to walk the road to recovery. Thank every God in heaven.

I’m giving myself the day to be sweet to myself… Drink a lot of tea, wear comfy clothing, gently get my work inboxes cleared and plans made. Gently gently…

What a joy to deeply understand that there’s nobody we have to be and no-one we have to impress, that there’s no need for masks or facades. I think my mom dying really finally taught me this, because I couldn’t find a mask that would stay on with all the crying.

So here’s to gentle days and sweet self-knowledge, wrinkles and all.

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