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The Beautiful Ordinary

This is the face of a woman who is very tired, and very excited to be going home to her husband and kids.

This week has given me a renewed appreciation for the Beautiful Ordinary. Bring on, “Mom, can I tell you something?” the moment I open my eyes. Bring on cuddles and endless requests to read books and play, and packing lunchboxes and making dinner and even (gasp!) homework.

Bring on sundowners as we discuss our day (with the husband, not the kids!) and hugs and watching TV together and the deep peace of having my guy an arm’s length away.

My dad is stable, still in ICU but stable, and improving. My brother is flying in later today so I’m handing over the baton. I am flying home (home home) and I can’t wait for some normality and everydayness.

I want a big dose of the Beautiful Ordinary.

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