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The Grief Handbook, if you need it

grief book

I don’t write about grief as much as I used to, because it has been nearly 5 years since my mom died (somehow) and it is thankfully not as loud for me any more.

That’s not to say it’s not an everyday part of my life, but it feels inauthentic to keep opening the wound.

That said, I get messages from people every week saying how my grief book has helped them, and it literally gives me goosebumps, because that’s 100% why I wrote it.

The Grief Handbook: A guide through the worst days of your life is everything I know about grief, in book form. It’s empathetic and kind and gives you space to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling.

You’ll find it at all major bookstores in South Africa, the UK and the US, as well as online at Amazon and @takealotcom. And if you’re in SA and would like a signed copy, I will happily send you one for R150 (plus R100 shipping) or buy 5 for your friends or to keep for when you need it in future and get free shipping.

Grief is so hard, and lonely, and boring. This book helps a little with all three, I think.

We’re all in this messy journey of loving and losing those we love, together. One day at a time…

Please share this with anyone who might need it ❤️

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