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The physicality of grief

I am reminded, all over again, how *physical* grief feels.

I loved this quote by @latinxgrief (it’s actually a series of really beautiful quotes), because it highlights the emotional hangover of a difficult day… And how those emotions are felt in the body.

Yesterday was hard. Today is better, but still hard. I’m tired (despite a 10 hour sleep!). I’m unmotivated to work. I’m easily distracted and finding it hard to focus.

All of this feels familiar – life was like this for pretty much a solid year after my mom died. But there is still (still!) a piece of me that thinks, “really? Your mom has been gone for almost 3 years, but you’re feeling like this again?!”

Yes. I am feeling like this again.

As CS Lewis says,
“How often – will it be for always? – how often will the vast emptiness astonish me like a complete novelty…”

Grief is cyclical. It’s a process that never ends. And it is so very physical… If you’re feeling any of this, or supporting someone through their grief, just know that it’s totally normal. And natural. And it doesn’t have a timeline… Clearly I need this reminder too!

Sending you love ❤️

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