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The power of daily exercise

At the grand old age of 38, I think I’ve finally realised the power of exercise. I know, I’m late to the game!

It has been a *week*. I’ve been in Durban, looking after my dad – buying his favourite food, cooking healthy meals, sorting out medication, cleaning, shopping etc etc etc. The invisible workload so many of us live with every day.

It’s been a week of nourishment and quality time, and intensity.

Because, you know, real life continues. So as well as being a caregiver I also had 3 meetings with potential international donors for our Diabetes Alliance projects, a Diabetes Alliance board meeting, and I hosted South Africa’s first Type 1 AMA (Ask Me Anything). On top of all the other usual work, and starting the marketing for The Grief Handbook (which is kind of all I want to do!)

What kept me going, brightened my eyes, lightened my step and detoxed the stress from my cells? Exercise. A few glorious swims in the sea, a few beachside strolls and leafy green neighbourhood walks, and I could feel it. An ability to breathe deeper, a greater capacity for service, an extra dose of patience.

The Nagoski sisters talk about this in their amazing book Burnout – it’s one of the most common ways to complete the stress cycle. For me, it’s fast becoming an essential part of daily life.

Get enough sleep, eat delightful food, move your body. We know this, right?

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