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The superpower I wish for

Is this the most beautiful towel you’ve ever seen? Yes, yes it is, no need to answer 😉

My fabulous @mungodesign towel arrived today and I swear it feels like a superhero cape. Look at those colours!

What would my current superpower be? I think I’d take a dose of presence, please and thank you. Things have – despite sprinkling glitter on my boundaries – sped up. I’m not yet frazzly busy, but I don’t want to get there. Right here, right now is my theme for the year…

The moments when I can step out of hamster brain and just chop tomatoes, or be kitties with my kids, or sip my gin and soda in the gentle evening breeze are so lovely… and so immediately available, if I just notice them. They are all slices of joy reading for the picking.

So here’s to making space in our diaries for deep breaths and staring at the clouds, while wearing locally woven superhero capes!


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