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Three second slices of joy

Three second slices of joy

It’s the end of my second No Shopping Month, and for the first time I feel tempted to buy something frivolous and sparkly for no reason… Just for the endorphin buzz.

I am tired. It’s been an intense, stressful, high stakes week-and-a-bit, and all my usual tricks aren’t giving me the energy boost I need.

So of course my mind is straying to what I could buy that would make me feel better!

This month’s list of Desires are so boring, though 😂
– A new KitchenAid beater (ours is peeling, not good to ingest that stuff)
– A bamboo plant (saw a beeyoootiful one in a glass vase that I’m still thinking about!)
– A Thermos cup, so I can drink icy cucumber water all day long (Sweet Life bought me that as a thank you for the hard work last week).

So I am in the curious position of having trained myself out of desire and now kind of wishing there was something that would give me a quick hit 😉

The answer, of course, as I realized this morning, is to sit with the discomfort, the tiredness, the sadness, till it passes. That’s the whole point of this, right? Not looking outwards to feel better, but recognizing that emotions are energy in motion, and you have to let them pass through you…

So I will sip my icy cucumber water, be gentle with myself, and appreciate the picture my daughter drew of us apparently in dresses but I’m going with superhero capes instead…

Slices of joy, friends. Three seconds of joy, that’s all we need ❤️ 🍉


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